Tough it wasn’t darker; enjoy the moment!

Don’t know about you, but I enjoyed that once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse.
The sun was 95 percent covered by the moon here in Yuma, which, you know, is something like within 5 percent of totality. (Totality. Now that is a fun word to say, I admit, but after the television coverage on Monday, I don’t care to hear it again for awhile.)
I know, I know, it didn’t get all that dark, even at 95 percent. To me, it seemed like I was wearing an awesome pair of shades. The kind that not only cut out the sun’s glare and improve clarity, but also look extremely cool wearing.
(You know, I am 52 years old and I still love using the word “cool” like I am some cool young guy, and still love wearing a cool pair of shades. Will I ever grow up? I hope not.)
Someday I would not mind experiencing the darkness of “totality” (last time using that word), but by the same token, it was pretty impressive how bright it still was outside.
Think about it…only a sliver of sun was showing (check out the picture on page 1) and yet the effect was only that it seemed like we were wearing a cool (there’s that word again) pair of shades.
Like one of the hundreds attending the eclipse event by the Yuma Public Library mentioned to YHS science teacher Amy Melby, that sun of our’s is pretty strong if it remained that bright with only 5 percent shining. The sun, and our distance from it, is an incredible thing.
That’s what an eclipse highlights.
Thanks to YHS Science and the library staff.


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