We here at Pioneer Headquarters love the Yuma County Fair.

Of course, I am actually just speaking for myself in this spot, but I still like using the “We here at Pioneer Headquarters.”

Never really went to many county fairs growing up in Longmont, though I do remember going sometimes to ride the carnival rides at the Boulder County Fair. I also remember going to some Little Britches Rodeos in Boulder, of all place.

However, I have frequently attended the Yuma County Fair since moving to this fair town nearly 30 years ago. I admit it was part of my job to go, and at first it was just a stressful experience because there was so much work involved, and only so much time to get it done.

I started falling into the fair routine after a few years, and eventually had a youngster, and then another one, and then another one, and then another one, and then another one, and then another one, to take to the fair. I started to understand some of the magic thanks to seeing the fair through my kids’ eyes. (I also eventually discovered the magic of the Big Gulp cup, but don’t tell the authorities.)

Now I am getting to the stage where only guys like Wingfield, and well, okay, a lot of other people, have been to more consecutive fairs than I. It is even to the point where I now get to see the fair through the experience of a grandchild.

Dang, I am getting older, but am finding out it is not such a drag, as “Mothers’ Little Helper” by the Stones always told meit would be when I was growing up. If you do not understand the reference, don’t worry, it means you are still young — or you grew up listening to just country music and/or Top 40 pop.

Have never figured out why fair (cheese) burgers are so dang good. They just are. Don’t question it. Just accept it. Gotta say the grilled ham and cheese is an awesome alternative. Some love the cabbage pockets, too. I just have never been into cabbage pockets. Sorry, so sue me.

Can’t really ride the more fun carnival attractions, not since getting motion sickness after taking on one of those rides at Elitches where the floor falls out from underneath you, but you don’t fall because the G-forces have stuck against the wall. Spinning around does not agree with me. (Maybe it’s the fair [cheese] burgers and those Big Gulps, but I would rather think not.

I have gone to the fair enough now that I actually kind of understand what the judges are saying during the hog, sheep, goat and beef shows. In fact, I often can even pick out some of the ones that are going to make it to the final march. Scary.

Never have gotten into the Junior Livestock Auction very much. Always makes me nervous. I have this fear that I will suddenly find myself bidding thousands of dollars for an animal, while thinking it’s around, like, $500 or so. Hey, can you understand those guys? They’re great to listen to, but there are times the bidding flies right by me. And don’t suggest I try the Big Gulp method prior and during the auction, because that will definitely lead to my financial ruin.

Besides, by later Monday night I am finally starting to stress a bit about all that has to be done within the next 24 hours or so in order to get that week’s paper flying off the Green Monster. It’s hard to stay focused on the fun.

That’s why I love that Wednesday night PRCA Rodeo so much. The stress is gone. It’s time to kick back with the Big Gulp and watch other guys try their damnedest not to get trampled by wildly gyrating and stomping animals.

Now that’s good fun.

I love the fair.