Early enrollment figures in Yuma School District-1 indicate slight upward trend, compared to last year’s early counts.

Yuma-1 reported a total of 780 students in grades K-12 as of earlier this week, compared to 775 in 2016. The official enrollment count will be done in October for state-funding purposes.

Early enrollment figures are tricky in that it changes frequently, but the count after the first days of the school year at least indicate the district’s enrollment continues to remain fairly steady.

Superintendent Dianna Chrisman said there always seems to be a lot of movement during the first weeks of school.

The early estimates show a range of 81 students in ninth grade to 42 students in 12th grade. Most classes are the 50-60 range.

Yuma High School’s early enrollment count shows 235 students, up significantly from last year’s early count of 219. YHS still remains comfortably under top end for 2A team sports such as volleyball, basketball, and baseball, where the 2A cutoff is 248. The top end for 1A football is 321. The top end for track and field is 281, cross country 286 and wrestling 259. Boys and girls golf, and softball, have only three classifications.

A kindergarten student gets a hug from a family member after the first day of school at Morris Elementary, August 24. (Pioneer Photo)

The YHS enrollment breaks down as follows: ninth grade, 81; 10th grade, 48; 11th grade, 64, and; 12th grade, 42.

Yuma Middle School, grades 5-8, reports an early enrollment of 243 students, a significant drop from 267 in last year’s early count. The YMS breakdown is as follows: fifth grade, 65; sixth-grade, 60; seventh grade, 60, and; eighth grade, 56.

Morris Elementary, grades K-4, has an early enrollment count of 302 students, up from last year’s early count of 289. The early count shows Kindergarten with 61 students; first grade, 65; second grade, 56; third grade, 56, and; fourth grade, 64.

Little Indians Preschool began the school year just this past Monday, so enrollment figures for LIP will be available at a later date. An updated enrollment count will be provided during the Yuma-1 Board of Education meeting in September.