The Yuma Police Department is seeking any information it can get from the public in regards to a vandalism incident at the Yuma High School football field, last weekend.

Yuma police were dispatched to the scene at 8:40 a.m. on a report that someone had taken out a long stretch of fence on the northeast corner of the football/track facility. There were approximately 100 feet of fence, and several metal posts, knocked over. Tire tracks were left behind. From the evidence collected, Yuma police determined the vehicle involved possibly was a pickup or SUV.

The fence had been dragged about 50 to 60 feet to the east. Several poles were bent over and pulled from the ground.

There was an indentation about 30 to 40 feet east of where the fence was indicating that the vehicle had flown up the embankment at a high rate speed.

There were no witnesses, and it likely occurred hours before the Yuma police were notified.

Anyone with information can call the YPD at 848-5441.