Displaying the true American “can do” spirit, the City of Yuma and the community still enjoyed a festive Independence Eve celebration, Monday evening, despite a rain storm rolling through right when it was about to begin.

The storm, which looked much more ominous on radar than it was in reality, dropped a decent amount of rain. It left the Jeff Armstrong Ball Parks complex with soggy grass, plenty of puddles and mud. It also drove down the temperature by about 20 degrees into the mid-60s, prompting many to pull out the long sleeves and blankets on an early-July evening.
It might have driven down attendance some, but hundreds still showed up for a delicious pulled pork meal, a home run derby, a pie eating contest, live music, and plenty of space for the kids to run around and have some summer fun.
The evening concluded with the Yuma Volunteer Fire Department putting on the annual fireworks show, providing plenty of big booms and bright sparks. The rain did help reduce the possibility of little fires breaking out from the falling embers.
Most everyone then enjoyed an Independence Day holiday Tuesday.

Zach Diaz finishes up while on his way to defending Pie Eating Contest title. (Tim Sprouse)

The El Dorado Band performs at Yuma’s Independence Eve celebration, July 3, 2017. (Pioneer Photo)