Irma Mountain, and her trusty ol’ Ford truck, still are getting it done at wheat harvest time.

With a big assist from her three grown sons, of course.

Wheat harvest is still family time for the Mountain family, though Irma now is in her early 90s and her sons all live out of state.

I’m glad it’s still all in the family,” Irma said earlier this week while relaxing in her room at Parrish Care Center.

Bob, from Laramie, Wyoming, Steve, from Santa Barbara, California, and Terry, from Hutchinson, Kansas, were back in town this past week harvesting Irma’s wheat fields. The Mountains always have hauled their wheat to M & M Cooperative, now CHS, and they still use the 1952 three-quarter ton Ford that Irma and her late husband Kenneth purchased brand new 65 years ago.

Irma Mountain sits in the passenger seat of her 1952 three-quarter ton Ford as a load of wheat is dumped at the CHS shuttle facility east of Yuma, late last week. Her son Terry was driving the truck, which hauls 100 bushels at a time. Irma said the Ford was repainted in its original color, but only after a detailed search finally turned up the color. Irma, in her early 90s, drove the truck to the elevator herself until just recently. (Courtesy Photo)

Until recently, Irma would haul wheat in that truck to the bins. She still participated this year, “breaking out of” Parrish Care a couple of times to ride in the truck with one of her sons driving. It can haul just 100 bushel at a time, so there were a lot of trips. (The Mountains also have a bigger truck for hauling.)

I like that part, just to ride,” Irma said. “I need something to keep me interested.”

Donny Edwards at the CHS shuttle facility east of town said Irma still makes at least one trip per year to the storage facility, making it there Thursday and Friday last week.

Edwards shared that Irma used to bring ice cream to everybody at the elevator at the end of harvest, but has not been able to do so the last few years. Therefore, he turned the tables and gave her a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen when she was there last week.

She sure enjoyed that,” Edwards said.

They’re pretty nice to me, and care about me,” Irma said.

And another wheat harvest is in the bins for the Mountains.