The admission fee is going up a bit at the Yuma Municipal Pool.

The Yuma City Council approved the admission fee increase during its regular meeting, last week, on a 5-0 vote. Mayor Joe Harper was in attendance, along with council members Dan Baucke, Ron Swehla, Jim Haag and Bethleen McCall. Roc Rutledge and Tony Harms were absent.

The daily entry fee for all levels is being raised by 50 cents, and season passes by $10. City Manager Scott Moore told the council it is believed it has been eight years since the pool fees have been increased. He noted it is a 32-percent increase, but actual revenue will increase by about $3,000 to more than $13,000.

The family pass, the fee for pool parties and other charges will remain the same.

(Also, it was announced this week that the Yuma pool will be closed on Sundays. It will be open Monday through Saturday.)

Maggie Metzler with the Yuma County Economic Development Corporation was at the meeting as the council considered the non-profit’s annual funding proposal. Metzler, who recently filled the position, presented the 2017 goals, focusing mainly on a strategic plan being done by the YCEDC. As it takes shape, each project plan would have its own budget going out five, 10, 15 years, she expalined. Metzler said the YCEDC will use the strategic plan to try to narrow the focus to the most important items, and she would have specific goals to present each year. She said she hoped to have more details from now on when the funding request is made.

Baucke noted the request for funding from the City of Yuma is $7,500, while the City of Wray’s is $10,000. It was explained the city pulled back some on funding several years ago, and the city provides office space along with the $7,500. However, Wray also provides an office.

After more discussion, Haag made the motion to fund $10,000 to the YCEDC. It passed on a 5-0 vote.

Signs have been put up where possible dictating one way traffic in the alleys on both side of S. Main, from First through Fourth avenues. It is northbound on east side, and southbound on the west. (Pioneer Photo)

Going by its regular schedule of the first and third Tuesday of each month, the council’s first meeting in July would be on July 4. The council unanimously approved moving it to Wednesday, July 5, starting as usual at 7:30 p.m.

The council rubber stamped the annual purchase of fireworks by the Yuma Volunteer Fire Department. The expenditure of $9,500 went to Big Bang Fireworks. The YVFD will produce the annual community fireworks show on July 3, east of the Jeff Armstrong Ball Park complex.

The main front office at City Hall is being remodeled and expanded to the west. City Manager Moore told the council John Moore (no relation) was the only one to bid, for $39,850, which is well within the project’s budgeted amount of $50,000. The bid did not include the paint and carpet. Interiors and Yuma Home Improvement each bid on the carpet work, with the council going with Interiors’ bid of $6,750 for 28-ounce carpet.

Two bids were received for a transformer, each within $300 of each other. The council went with the slightly-more expensive one, which Moore said in his opinion is a little higher quality than the other one, for $14,762.91 from Border States Electric. Dutton/Lainson was the other bidder.

A resolution updating the City of Yuma’s representatives to CIRSA, with Moore as the representative and Haag the alternate, was approved. A proclamation for Men’s Health Month also was approved.

Councilman Baucke told the rest of the council the clock and marble monument to go in the median on S. Main near the Highway 34 intersection would be completed this week prior to the 5:10 To Yuma 10K/5K and Yuma Days on Saturday, June 17.

The council held an executive session for about 20 minutes with administration and the city attorney to discuss a purchase of property by the city. No action was taken pertaining to that after the executive session, and the meeting was adjourned.