All Yuma County elected positions are up for election in 2018, except for Commissioners Robin Wiley and Dean Wingfield.

With caucus precincts and county assemblies occurring in coming months, it is time for hopefuls to start announcing their candidacy. It begins this week as Yuma County Assessor Cindy Taylor, Clerk & Recorder Beverly Wenger, and Treasurer/Public Trustee DeeAnn Stults all announced they will seek re-election in 2018.

Yuma County Assessor

Cindy Taylor would like to announce she is running for Yuma County Assessor. She is seeking her fourth term. Cindy and her husband Mike farm and ranch with family in Yuma and Washington counties.

One of the many accomplishments that Taylor has brought to this office has been the popular Yuma County property records search. With this website available, customers can research the property within the county and get information at any time instead of just office hours. The GIS interactive map is also attached to her computer records, where the public can search and be able to visualize how a parcel is shaped according to the legal description.

Great customer service is a must in her office. Taylor has assembled knowledgeable staff to take care of any questions you may have. They make coming into her office a satisfying experience. Continuing education is taken by Taylor and her staff to make sure they are up to date on policies and procedures. She and her staff know that the taxpayers of Yuma County pay their wages, and will give 100 percent of their time and effort to the taxpayer and anyone else that comes thru the door.

Cindy wants you to know, it has been an honor and privilege to work for Yuma County and would like to continue to work for the citizens of Yuma County for another term.


Yuma County Clerk

Bev Wenger has announced she will seek re-election for Yuma County Clerk and Recorder. She is running for a fifth term.

Bev and her husband, Randy, continue to work their farming operation around the Yuma area. Being active in her church and community is very important to Bev. She is also active in the Colorado County Clerk’s Association serving on several committees.

There have been numerous changes in all areas of the Clerk and Recorder’s office during the past 15 years; some created by Colorado Statute and others implemented by Wenger.

Some of Wenger’s accomplishments include: Creating the Election Center using mostly grant money, allowing Yuma County Government entities a location for meetings; finalization and re-digitizing older records in recording; implementing online accessibility of recorded documents; implementation of eRecording which allows documents to be submitted electronically; implementing a new recording system; setting up fees allowed by Statute to cover recording reoccurring costs, saving the county more than $20,000 annually; implementing two new voting systems successfully; implementing the ability to pay for any type of transaction by credit card, and; opening a branch MV/DL office in the City of Yuma.

Her dedication to the office and to the electors of Yuma County has been the priority of her time in office. She plans to continue operating the office with the quality of customer service and dedication that the citizens have come to expect. She said it has been an honor to serve the citizens of Yuma County.


Yuma County Treasurer

Yuma County Treasurer and Public Trustee Dee Ann Stults will be seeking re-election in 2018.

Dee Ann has a long history in the office as she began stuffing envelopes with tax statements during Christmas break as a junior in high school under Jane Clark. Before election to her first term in 2002, Dee Ann worked as the clerk in the office under then Treasurer Mary Lou Rose from 1996 to 2002. She has served as the County Treasurer and Public Trustee since 2003.

Dee Ann is a lifelong Yuma County resident. Her husband, Casey is a third generation farmer and they continue farming with their sons. She is active in the Calvary Lutheran Church, the Wray Rotary Club and when not working or volunteering enjoys spending time with family.

In addition to local community involvement, Dee Ann is an active member of both the Colorado County Treasurer’s Association and the Public Trustee’s Association of Colorado. She received her accreditation as a Certified Treasurer in 2005 through the Colorado County Treasurer’s Association certification process. She qualified for recertification in 2010, 2013 and 2016. She serves on the CCTA legislative committee and on the executive board as 1st Vice President. Dee Ann will be installed as President of CCTA in June of 2018.

A friendly and professional treatment of all customers is very important to Dee Ann, but the number one objective of the office is to continue to be a good steward of the county resident’s money and to insure the safety of all funds collected. With the advancement of technology the process in the office has evolved over the last 15 years. Taxes may be paid online, and in 2017 the first Internet Tax Lien Sale was held and it was very successful.

Stults said it has been a privilege and honor to serve the people of Yuma County and she looks forward to what the next four years will bring.