This morning after my coffee, I started thinking about how “we” needed a few more peppers in the garden and how “I” needed to get some of those sunflowers out of the pumpkin patch space. Truth is they make me itch, so Tony has to do most of the sunflower removal.

Yep, I got it bad. It starts with a plan. Even draw crude maps as early as March (maybe even February), and ends with an “Oh! That’s pretty!” Surely I can find some space for it……

In the Spring, I sometimes feel really yucky. Allergies, virus, who knows. I think to myself that I’m not going to do as much in the yard this year, but every year I just can’t help it! Flowers! Oh my goodness, a real gift. Kinda like looking at a painting or listening to a song.

For Mother’s Day, Tony always gifts me a day in the yard and he never criticizes my trips to the greenhouses.

From the patio, I can hear him tell the kids that if they want to talk to their mother, they should know where I am.

Our garden is planted, flowers are in pots and just like the farmer, I hope there isn’t any hail. Has no earning potential, but wait! The garden does provide food, maybe next year, I will plant things our family actually eats, and not experiment so much.

This year, I have stuck to my garden plan and there are vegetables planted that our family actually eats.

So tempted to grow egg plant because it’s just so cool looking. Maybe I can figure out some kind of recipe, nobody will know it’s even there…..OOPS! Just gave myself another excuse to stop by one of the greenhouses.

We have a trashcan in the backyard that is full of rabbit poop. For a year or better, Tony graciously volunteered to stir it up. Weeds and straw mixed with poop. I think we are both scared to take the lid off. I mean really, how horrible is that going to smell?

Lettuce and basil. One grows too much and the other is tricky for me. I have read books, quizzed friends, even thought about taking a master gardener class. Truth is there are just some things I choose to be ignorant about. That might prevent a particularly interesting or potentially colorful addition to our yard.

Back to the trash can full of poop. I could glorify it and talk about the mixture of hay, grass, weeds, I might have even thrown a banana peel in there. It’s a garden secret.

I wish I could remember them. Did I plant less or more? What was the name of that flower that is supposed to keep pests away? Did it really work?

Garden secrets. Maybe that poop will grow the biggest pumpkin in America! Really, I would just settle for large and orange. No gnarly worms like last year. Have to admit that some bugs just make me go oooh!

Gardeners like to pretend they know what they are doing at all possible times. I don’t believe that’s true, but I will continue to read and study an art that is way out of my control at times. Que Sera Sera to the master gardener I may never be, but boy was it fun getting messy.

I would seriously visit every garden facility in the eastern part of our state if I had the time. Tony has grown to really enjoy our hobby. If he ever gets ornamental grass to grow, there will probably be a party.

Have you ever noticed that there is always one veggie that doesn’t grow very well for anybody in the same year? Of course it grows well for a few, must be a garden secret.

Hope we are not violating any law when the lid comes off of that trash can.

Have a great growing season.

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