William Shuttleworth, 71-year-old U.S. Air Force Veteran, is walking into Yuma on July 15 as he walks across the USA.
William will be walking 200-plus miles across Colorado as he makes his way to Denver then Utah then California to finish across the USA.
He will average about 25+ miles per day depending on the weather.
His route over the next days will take him from:
July 13th – St Francis to Haigler – 23 miles
July 14th – Haigler to Wray 17 miles
July 15th – Wray to Yuma – 27 miles
July 16th – Yuma to Akron – 27 Miles
July 17th – Akron to Brush – 24 miles
July 18th – Brush through Fort Morgan to Wiggins – 25 miles.
He loves to meet with any civic and community leaders and groups, Fire and police members, military veteran groups and local companies to talk about why he is walking across the country.
He is looking for help along this route for a safe place to pitch a tent or a fire house or a church or a local citizen to stay overnight as he walks across the country. He has also been blessed with restaurants donating meals and some hotels donating a room night as he walks through different towns.
He is on a seven-month walk across America by himself from Massachusetts to California, “Vets Don’t Forget Vets.” Along the way, he will meet, share, and talk to any vet he can individually, in small groups at VA Centers, in American Legions, VFWs, coffee shops and across dining room tables.