The City of Yuma will install more stop signs in an attempt to slow traffic on W. Second Ave.

City staff and the Yuma City Council reached that consensus during the council’s regular meeting, last week.

Some residents in the W. Second Ave. voiced concerns at the previous meeting about how the speed limit increases from 20 miles per hour, from S. Main to S. Ash, to 30 mph at S. Ash onward west to the end of town. They said some motorists use the stretch for high speeds, noting there are several younger people in the area, and traffic to and from city park and the city pool. The speed limit also increases right at High Plains Manor, whose residents are mostly senior citizens.

Changing the speed limit had been discussed. However, at last week’s meeting City Attorney Kathryn Sellars informed the council that state statute dictates certain requirements are met before speed limits are changed. For example, a study has to be done to prove the need. Sellars explained that if the study shows the majority are within the speed limit, then it cannot be changed.

She recommended, as it was by the citizens at the previous meeting, that increased law enforcement in that area might most effective.

Councilman Dan Baucke said it is his opinion that there are just a few motorists causing the problem, adding that he hears one vehicle going fast around town that needs to be busted. He said he favored shutting down the speeders instead of doing a study.

Adding another stop sign along the stretch also was brought up again, which also had been suggested by the citizens at the previous meeting. The council was told that installing stop signs does not require a study.

Councilman Luke Goeglein said he prefers the stop sign idea instead of a study.

The stop sign would go at S. Gum, which is at the west end of the High Plains Manor. Police Chief Jon Lynch said he supports having a stop sign there, adding that he would not be opposed to stop signs being installed at other intersections around town.

Installing new stop signs does not require action by the council, it being simply a case of city administration coordinating the work.

More meeting

• City Manager Scott Moore informed the council that work on the water tower on S. Main was set to begin this week. The inside and outside is to be repainted, as well as the “Yuma” on the outside of the tower. The project will take about 10 days to two weeks. Water service will not be interrupted as the city system still has the other water tower at the north end of town in operation. (It was learned this week the crew had been delayed and will not be in Yuma until next week.) Moore also reported that the city’s recently-purchased trash truck has arrived and is in use. He said it is holding more trash as advertised.

• Chief Lynch told the council has gone around town issuing junk car notices. He said a total of 25 had been issued. He also said the Yuma Police Department has received the new radios through the grant and expenditure approved by the council at a previous meeting.

• Councilman Bryson Chrismer said he has received some calls from citizens about receiving code enforcement notices about dandelions. He asked if code violations also were issued for bindweed. Moore said it is. Chrismer responded that he would talk to Moore about some areas around town. Baucke then joked a bit that he also has received a code violation notice.

• Council member Bethleen McCall informed the council that the Landfill Board has decided to move forward with a mill levy question on the November ballot due to rising costs at the landfill. (The Pioneer will have more when the ballot question is finalized.)

• Councilman Ryan Saffer said his attendance at the Colorado Municipal League Conference was a positive experience.

• An executive session was held at the end of the meeting in order for the council to receive legal advise from Sellars. The closed door session lasted about 30 minutes. No action was taken after the council reconvened in public, other than adjournment.

• The council’s next meeting is Tuesday, July 16.