Yuma County Commissioners Dean Wingfield, Trent Bushner, and Robin Wiley met August 30, for their end of month business meeting. J.R. Colden presented the Road & Bridge Report. The re-paving of roads H & J was completed towards the end of the month. The crews have been working on some severe road washouts, following heavy rainfall, in the south end of the County. Colden said he was working on road access permits for people wanting to install driveways off the County Roads. New hires for Road & Bridge the past month have been Leslie Laird and Shawn Apodaca. Representatives from CHS met to discuss an agreement to work with the County to do CDL testing on the testing site at the fairgrounds in Yuma. They could test some of our employees while a tester from the County could test people they have trained. Colden was going to check to see if he had any employees who wished to become CDL testers. Following a Land Use Hearing with Colten Yoast, the Commissioners approved Exemptions from Subdivision Regulations for Brown/Nelson and for Newton/NB Farms, both south of Schram. Kara Hoover and staff met with the Commissioners in a Human Services Meeting. Melanie Fisher provided the financial statement through June. With 50% of the year in the books, the Department has received 54% of the revenue budgeted, and spent 46% of the amount budgeted for the year. Hoover reported that the office re-model project, in the old City of Yuma Office and now owned by NJC, is expected to be complete by November 1. Greg Brophy met to discuss Referendum DD, to be on the November ballot. He said the referendum had bi-partisan support when it was initiated in the State Legislature. Ref DD would allow sports betting in Colorado in the State’s casinos. The beneficiary for the State revenue from the enterprise would create and fund Colorado Water Plan Implementation Cash Fund. Some of the supporters for the referendum are the Colorado Municipal League, Colorado Cattlemen’s Assn, and Environmental Defense Action Fund. Kenny Rogers and Duane Brown, representing Ag Innovation Center, gave a report on their last fund raiser. They felt they now have enough funds to begin a 100 foot extension to the current Beef Barn, on the fairgrounds, to house the swine, sheep, and goats. They will still be about $100,000 short that is needed for new pens in the barn and hope to be able to raise those funds within the next year. Bids for the new barn, and new restrooms were submitted last spring, and the Commissioners decided to give the low bidder, Rockwell Construction, the go ahead the begin construction. It is hoped the concrete work for the building can be done this fall. The next scheduled meeting for the Yuma County Commissioners is September 16, at the Courthouse, in Wray.