The Yuma City Council whipped through a short agenda at its regular meeting, last week.

Several items still got accomplished, however.

Mayor Ron Swehla, and council members Steve Hoch, Dan Baucke, Ryan Saffer, Luke Goeglein and Bryson Chrismer were in attendance, while Bethleen McCall was absent.

The second reading of the ordinance outlining the three-way exchange of property between the city, Bank of Colorado and Northeastern Junior College passed unanimously. There was no comment during the public hearing prior to the second reading.

City Hall will move to Bank of Colorado’s former downtown location, and NJC will move into the current City Hall. The Yuma Municipal Library will remain at the current location. Bank of Colorado will deed the downtown location to the city, and the city will deed its current home to NJC at the same time. The property swaps are expected to occur prior to the end of this month.

City Manager Scott Moore previously stated it will take about six weeks to remodel its new downtown home before making the actual move, at which point NJC will begin remodeling work on its new home.

The Tavern’s liquor license renewal was approved on a 6-0 vote.

Insurance money from hail damage to city vehicles from last year is playing a role in some vehicle expenditures this year.

The Water and Wastewater departments each had $20,000 budgeted for a pickup chassis and transferring the bed with a crane in it. However, the cost for transferring the box ended up being more than anticipated, making the total cost $45,077. Moore told the council that one of the department’s pickups was declared a total loss from hail damage last year, with the city receiving a salvage value of $3,950. That could be used to offset being over budget, though it still would be $1,127 over.

The city received two bids for the job, both from Korf Continental, one for a Ford and one for a Chevrolet, with the Ford being lower. The council approved the recommendation of accepting the bid for the Ford.

The Yuma Police Department also is utilizing insurance payout funds to help with the purchase of two new patrol vehicles. Chief Jon Lynch explained to the council that the YPD had budgeted for two patrol vehicles this year, but learned in February the vehicle the YPD was wanting is not being made anymore for police work. Therefore, the YPD put out a new request for bids, receiving three proposals from Korf — one for a Chevy Tahoe, and two for Dodge Durango.

Lynch recommended going with the Tahoe. He said it is a little more than what was budgeted, but it more fits with what the department was wanting to get. He told the council the YPD has $20,878 in insurance payouts for vehicles damaged last year by hail that could be used to cover the over-budget amount. Total estimated cost for purchasing two Chevy Tahoes and upfitting for police usage is $97,571.

The council approved the purchase on a 6-0 vote.

The council also unanimously approved the budgeted expenditure of $11,434.13 for 50 new LED lights for street lights. It is part of the city’s ongoing upgrade to LED street lamps, doing 50 each year.

The council’s next meeting will be April 16 at 6:30 p.m.