KCI’s fiber optic installation and Verizon’s cell phone tower project were addressed during the Yuma City Council’s regular meeting, last week.

The council was given somewhat of a Christmas present in that they were able to take care of business in less than 15 minutes. It followed on the heels of lengthier meetings featuring numerous citizens’ comments about marijuana dispensaries possibly locating in Yuma.

There was none of that last week. However, thanks to new council member Bryson Chrismer’s inquiries, the council did receive an update on the aforementioned projects.

City Manager Scott Moore said he has spoken with KCI owner Chip Powell. He said the owner apologized for not having the fiber optic installation done by now, as originally projected. KCI staffers are in town each day, doing installs and addressing any other issues, but currently are not putting down new lines. Moore said Powell told him requests for KCI’s high-speed internet service has increased lately.

He said the goal is to finish all of Yuma by next fall.

The council approved Verizon installing a tower in the Yuma Industrial Park more than one year ago. It is to be located north of the Eagle/CRVS truck stop. However, nothing as been done. Moore said Verizon has been submitting construction documents to the city’s consultants, and have been going back and forth making minor adjustments.

Moore said a Verizon representative said the company is moving forward with the project but is not in a big hurry.

More meeting

• Councilman Steve Hoch made a comment regarding the dispensary talk at the end of the meeting. He said he does not know why it was brought up in the first place, and said he never thought it would be seriously considered, adding he does not think it will happen.

• New police officer Patrick Laybourn was sworn in by City Clerk Karma Wells.

• Jaime Gardner was appointed to the Yuma Public Library Board of Trustees. Librarian Jeanne Triplett told the council there were four good candidates interested in serving on the board, and she hoped the other three would maintain that interest when there is another opening.

• The liquor license renewal for Tumbleweed Brewing and Wine Company was unanimously approved.

• Council members Ron Swehla, Luke Goeglein, Hoch, Bethleen McCall, and Chrismer were in attendance, while Dan Baucke and Ryan Saffer were absent.