The City of Yuma is moving ahead with a sports court renovation project.

Approving the project was before the Yuma City Council at its regular meeting, last week, after it had been tabled at the previous council meeting in order to gather more information. Information was provided to the council from other entities that have used the same material being proposed for the Yuma project, and those entities all reported being happy with the project.

The project entails revitalizing the tennis courts. The city plans to add basketball courts and pickle ball courts.

Two bids were submitted to the city for the work. One was for $96,758 and the other for $85,745. KCR Enterprises submitted the low bid, and would have installation completed in two to three weeks, City Manager Scott Moore told the council.

The council unanimously approved the bid from KCR Enterprises for $85,745.

All seven board members were in attendance, Mayor Ron Swehla and council members Dan Baucke, Bryson Chrismer, Luke Goeglein, Steve Hoch, Bethleen McCall and Ryan Saffer.

The council also unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance amending sections to the municipal code. It reflects the changes from the state in regards to 3.2 percent beer now being referred to as fermented malt beverage.

A dollar cap was set on the remodeling of the new City Hall, the former Bank of Colorado location in downtown Yuma. Moore requested the approval of the remodel, with the current estimate from JP Moore LLC set at $48,425. Moore requested the approval of an amount “not to exceed $55,000” which the council approved unanimously.

Moore also requested approval of the electrical portion of the remodel not to exceed $10,000. The work will address bringing some items up to code, and some fire hazard items. The work includes changing all the upstairs lights to LED. Moore said the city will be able to get a reimbursement from the Municipal Energy Association of Nebraska (MEAN) for part of the cost for changing to LED. The council unanimously approved the electrical work not to exceed $10,000.

Moore also made a request for approval of the fiber and data wiring at the new City Hall, not to exceed $12,000. It would include adding data ports, replacing the copper wiring with fiber wire, and removing unused telephone wires. The council unanimously approved the request.

Police Chief Jon Lynch requested the approval of funds for new body cameras. There was $7,500 budgeted, and the first-year price has come in at $10,935. The amount for the next five years would be $4,944 per year. The package includes providing off-site storage and the ability to edit videos. The motion to approve the body cameras for $10,935 passed on a 7-0 vote.

Lynch also reported to the council that the tile is being replaced at the Yuma Police Department. He said it is about half completed, and the walls are being painted also. The project should be completed in about one week. He also told the council the YPD is changing its add for a new police officer to a cadet ad.

The council held an executive session to receive legal advice on specific legal questions.

The meeting then was adjourned after the council reconvened in public.