The Yuma City Council set the table for the 2019 budget during its regular meeting last week prior to Thanksgiving.

Prior to getting to that, the council made some realignment moves following the resignation of Joe Harper as mayor at the previous meeting. The council voted 5-0 to appoint Luke Goeglein as mayor pro-tem; the former pro-tem, Ron Swehla, is now mayor. Due to the changes, the council also approved a resolution regarding authorization to sign for the city.

All six council members were in attendance, Dan Baucke, Bethleen McCall, Ryan Saffer and Steve Hoch joining Swehla and Goeglein.

The 2019 budget was presented to the council, and the first reading of the ordinance passed on a 6-0 vote.

The budget includes $3.93 million in the General Fund, including a capital outlay of $223,200. The Electric Fund has a budget of $3.05 million, the Ambulance Fund $542,145, the Water Fund $917,265, the Sanitation Fund $782,750, the Wastewater Fund $636,060, the Conservation Trust Fund $87,000, the Capital Projects Account $145,000, the Firemen’s Pension Fund $24,000, and the Sales/Use Tax Bond Fund $189,867.

Look for more details on the 2019 budget in a future edition of the Pioneer.

Another ordinance setting the mill levy and property tax revenue for the next fiscal year was approved on first reading. The mill levy was set at 30.664 with an appraised value of $22.858 million to generate $630,000 in property tax revenue in 2019. However, those numbers will change after Yuma County finalizes assessed valuation numbers throughout the county early in December.

The first reading of an ordinance amending the 2018 budget also was approved. The Conservation Trust Fund is increased from $40,000 to $68,000, the Reserve/Capital Projects Fund from $303,000 to $730,000, the Electric Fund from $2.93 million to $2.95 million, and the Ambulance Fund from $490,825 to $525,000. All increases are funded by additional revenues and reserves.

More meeting

• The council unanimously approved ratifying the city manager’s employment contract. Moore’s duties are being expanded, at no extra pay, to serve as the fill-in for the Electrical Superintendent when that person is not here. Moore previously held that role with the city.

• The council voted to move its first meeting in January from January 1 to January 8, and still have the second meeting on January 15. There was talk of simply canceling the first meeting, but it was decided to still have two meetings as there is a lot of business to address.

• Police Chief Jon Lynch reported that the new K9 “Archie” has been certified and ready to go on active duty.

• McCall gave a report from recent Yuma County Landfill Board meetings, explaining there is a need to raise revenue to keep it operational. Look for more on the landfill in the near future.

• Goeglein commented prior to the end of the meeting that the council needs to keep discussing the marijuana dispensary issue and find a solution that is good for everyone.

• The council’s next meeting is December 4 at 7:30 p.m.