The Yuma County government is starting 2019 with a new budget.

Yuma County’s General Fund has been set at $6.167 million. It includes all of the elected officials offices, as well as several other departments and services.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is the biggest line item at $1.029 million, about $60,000 above the 2018 budget, and $103,000 above the 2017 actual budget, which came in about $10,500 below what was budgeted for 2017.

Conversely, the Yuma County Jail budget is decreasing to $884,607 in 2019, nearly $90,000 less than the 2018 budget. It is more than $100,000 less than the 2017 actual jail budget, which came in about $28,000 below budget.

(In fact, when referring to the 2017 actual expenditures, nearly all line items came in under what was budgeted.)

Yuma County Commissioners have a budget of $580,698, the County Clerk $364,952, County Assessor $380,614, County Treasurer $226,436, and County Cororner $66,475.

The county has budgeted $150,180 for administrative services, $51,795 for GIS Mapping, $73,512 for elections, $470,646 for building maintenance, and $44,446 for the driver’s license office. It has budgeted $36,627 to emergency management.

Yuma County provides financial support for many countywide and region-wide services. The county’s share to the District Attorney’s Office is $217,345, the same as in 2018. The county is continuing its recent level of support to the Northeast Colorado Health Department at $97,010. Emergency medical services has $111,000. The county’s share to the W-Y Combined Communications Center is $460,000, an increase of $20,000 from recent years.

Golden Plains Extension receives $218,741, Northeast Colorado Bookmobile Service $30,800, the county’s veterans officer $14,700, economic development $45,000, the Northeast Colorado Association of Local Governments $16,723, the Yuma County Landfill $112,475 and the Yuma County Water Authority $51,000. The county has budgeted $47,002 for the Northeast Colorado Transportation Authority.

Yuma County Treasurer and Public Trustee Dee Ann Stults is sworn in to another term by County Judge Kris Jones, Monday morning in the Yuma County Courthouse. It is required the treasurer/public trustee is sworn in before the start of the new year. The rest of the county’s officials elected in last November’s election will be sworn in by Jones at the courthouse on Tuesday, January 8, at 9 a.m. (Photo courtesy of The Wray Gazette)

The budget for the Yuma County Fair is set at $187,075, about $11,000 more than what was budgeted for the 2018 fair. There is an additional $76,199 for Yuma County Fair Maintenance.

Transfers to capital acquisition total $450,628 for a total General Fund Budget of $6.618 million.

Yuma County’s Road & Bridge Fund is set at $5.916 million, about $1 million more than in 2018, as there is about $850,000 more budgeted for construction in 2019, $2.634 million. Road & Bridge is funded almost entirely through the Highway Users Tax, Specific Ownership Tax, and a mill levy specifically for Road & Bridge.

Human Services, which is almost entirely funded by the state passed through the county, has a budget of $3.461 million.

Recreation has $600,000 budgeted, and the Conservation Trust Fund $100,000.

Yuma County provides payroll clearing services for the east and west Yuma County cemetery districts, the Public Trustee, the revolving loan fund, the weed & pest control district, and economic development, so those payrolls go through the county budget.

There is $700,000 in the Grant Fund for grants for technology, court security, emergency medical services, as well as state and perspective grants.

The Yuma County Water Authority is run through the county budget, set at $121,000.

Yuma County Landfill budget is $411,525.

Victims assistance is set at $75,666, and Capital Acquisition total is $1.725 million.

There is $462,000 in Emergency Reserve.

Therefore, the total Yuma County Budget is $21.224 million.

As for the revenue side, the county is estimating $5.446 million in property taxes, $3,063 million in Highway User Tax, and $497,000 in Specific Ownership Tax.

County Clerk’s fees are estimated at $250,000 in revenue, County Treasurer’s fees at $425,000, inmate boarding at $45,000, nearly $31,500 above this year’s inmate revenue. Ticket sales revenue is estimated at $32,000, and $17,500 in rodeo sponsors. 4-H premium sponsors revenue is estimated at $13,000, and RV rent revenue is $10,000.