By Kelly Rayl
The Yuma Pioneer

The gyrfalcon has been found!

Steve Hannon, a resident of Yuma County, lost his black, female gyrfalcon on Tuesday, November 5. Seventeen days later the falcon turned up in Scott City, Kansas. A Facebook post featured a picture of the falcon, a ranching family spotted the bird and called a wildlife officer, the wildlife officer called Mr. Hannon.

Mr. Hannon didn’t waste any time driving to Scott City to retrieve his bird, but the wildlife officer wanted more information to positively identify the bird.

Mr. Hannon’s gyrlfalcon hatched in May, so she is only around six months old. She doesn’t have a whole lot experience flying or fending for herself. The cold weather didn’t bother her, she is an artic coast and tundra bird of prey. In fact, Mr. Hannon sets up air conditioning for them during the warmer months of the year.

The gyrlfalcon isn’t out of the woods yet, she came home with some broken tail feathers, one of her eyes is a bit damaged and she was covered with mud. She has a doctor’s appointment with a vet in Colorado Springs.

Mr. Hannon stopped by the Pioneer office so we could see the lost girl in person. She was a dusky shade of black all over, just a few other subtle colors.

She flew over 206 miles on her own, got a little beat up, but she’s home.