By Kelly Rayl

Fort Morgan High School was the site for a large group of elementary and middle school students on Saturday, February 3, to participate in the Sunrise Optimist Club’s 12th annual Brain Bowl Challenge.

A total of 37 teams from schools around northeast Colorado competed. The schools included Fort Morgan, Brush, Wiggins, Weldona, Akron, New Raymer, Revere and Yuma.

Paula McGuire, BOCES Gifted Education Director encouraged MES Principal Keri Chapman and parent Krissy King to start a Yuma team. Invitations were sent out to all identified Gifted and Talented students in third and fourth grade, as well as students currently on a watch for G/T identification.

These Morris Elementary School students participated in the Brain Bowl in Fort Morgan last Saturday. (Courtesy Photo)

There were nineteen teams in the 3rd and 4th grade group. Five rounds of competition with 30 questions each and four oral rounds with head to head competition against different schools. The kids worked as a team to answer the questions on paper. Yuma A scored 10/30 correct in written, Yuma B scored 23/30 in written. Final total score for Yuma A was 42 points and final total score for Yuma B was 53. The top two teams, both from Wiggins, went into the final round scoring 97 and 91.

Most of the questions were quite difficult. Example: What name is given to the subatomic particle of an atom that is positively charged? The questions could be about anything, including math, music, history, current events, science, spelling, sports and language arts.

The winners get to take home a team trophy and there are also individual medals.

All involved learned so much through the process and look forward to practice and participation in next year’s competition.

Students that accepted the invitation and competed were: Fourth grade: Ximena Varela, Carolina Ross, Mariana Reyes, Bailey Nighswonger, Noel Klein. Third grade: Maddie Rahm, Achtonn Monk, Avery Langley, Maddox King, and Aubrey Black.