Tough timing has led to parts of freshly chip sealed roads east of Yuma to be tore up.

A two-mile stretch of County Road 39 between roads K and J, as well one-mile stretches of roads H and J from Road 39 to Highway 34, were triple chip sealed late last month. The stretches had been milled last spring, and left with just road base through the summer in an attempt to expose weak spots and get them fortified before chip sealing.

Yuma County Road and Bridge Supervisor JR Colden said there was a tight timeframe with the getting the chip seal laid. He said the county was told right before the long-awaited chip sealing began that Western Sugar was going to have a temporary early beet harvest with delivery to the superstation along Road 39 at the Road J intersection.

“It was just bad timing,” he said.

In less than two weeks after the chip sealing project, a total of 656 trucks with heavy loads had been to and from the beet station, according to a report given to the county. The result us torn up chip seal where the trucks enter and exit the beet station on Road J.

There also is torn up road in front of Yuma County Dairy a bit further east on Road 39.

A section of County Road J at the turnoff for the Western Sugar superstation is torn up after recently getting a new chip seal. (Pioneer Photo

Colden said the important thing is the base is holding up real well.

Road and Bridge will wait until after the winter to go in and patch up the affected areas.

Total cost was $447.464.75. Yuma County paid the main portion of that. However, Colden’s department came in significantly under budget on 2017’s chip seal project on the Beecher Island Road. Therefore, the Department of Local Affairs agreed to roll over $122,911.92 of a grant for the Beecher Island Road project into this one, reducing the county’s burden by more than 25 percent.

That played an issue in the timing of the project as well, as Colden said it had to be done with a certain time in order to utilize the rolled-over funds.