Deputy Tom Kron of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office received the Colorado State Patrol Certificate of Honor, last week.

State Patrol Major Jon Barba and Captain Gaylon Grippin awarded Deputy Kron the award at the CSP Office in Yuma on Wednesday, April 3. Deputy Kron was nominated by Trooper Ethan Merritt for his work in de-escalating a hostile situation and getting medical aid to an injured person. The CSP is very selective in giving awards outside their agency.

Pictured left to right at last week’s CSP Certificate of Honor ceremony in Yuma are CSP Captain Gaylon Grippin, YCSO Deputy Tom Kron, CSP Major Jon Barba, CSP Trooper Ethan Merritt, and YCSO Sheriff TC Combs. (Courtesy Photo)

I am honored to have staff working for me throughout the agency who act in a professional manner under stressful situations,” Yuma County Sheriff TC Combs said. “Many times we only hear about the things officers do wrong but don’t remember what they did right. It is great that a fellow officer and peer in law enforcement took the time to recognize the deed for what it was, an excellent job of de-escalating a volatile situation. Thank you Trooper Ethan Merritt and Deputy Kron, for a job well done.”