Yuma native Erin Harper is looking to cast locals for a short film she will be shooting here in June.

It is called “Veral” and is adapted from the essay “Now Museum, Now You Don’t” written by Greg Hill of Yuma County. Hill, a Liberty School graduate, is the author of three published novels “East of Denver” “The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles” and “Striped Zebra Shirt.”

It is a neo-Gothic rural tale about historical preservation. The non-union shoot will be done June 9-13, in Yuma and Arapahoe counties.

Harper, a Yuma High School graduate, is a writer/director/producer living and working in the New York City area.

She would like to cast locals for the characters described below. If interested, please send a headshot or photo, and resumé (if available) to Harper at erin@erinharperfilms.com, by Wednesday, April 17.

If selected, you will be invited to audition in Yuma or Joes on April 23.

Harper is also looking for PAs (production assistants) interested in filmmaking. This is an unpaid internship with a built-in training workshop for two days and on-set experience. Workshop/Rehearsals will be June 5 and 6, and shoot dates, June 9 – 13. Must be able to drive and commit to all dates. Limited positions available. Please contact Harper at the above email with your specific interest, relevant skills and experience.

Following are the character descriptions.

HAZE (male/caucasian/mid 30s) is a reporter for the nearly defunct city newspaper. Unattached, unkempt, and a left-over from high school rock band days, he often misses social cues, but is confident with his own intelligence.

Note: Enough musical aptitude to be able to air drum with confidence and sing to a rock music track.

ALICIA (female/caucasian/late teen-early 20s) is a steely-eyed, creative, precocious, and friendly loner. Both wise and innocent. She curates an unusual museum on the High Plains of Colorado and is passionate about its upkeep.

Note: smokes, but doesn’t have to be real cigarettes.

RETIRED FARMER (male/caucasian/60s-80s) Knowing nothing but farming, but no longer farming, he now spends most of his time nostalgically wandering through museum displays of old farm equipment. Common sense and even keel, nothing ruffles his feathers. 

CLAUDE (male/caucasian/40s-60s) is a token bar patron. Friendly, funny, a character, whose presence demands attention. He’s mechanical-minded, witty and minimal in conversation but not in thought. He often speaks to his close buddy, the bartender, in non sequiturs. 

Note: drinks beer, but not real beer.

BARTENDER (male/caucasian/40s-60s) Claude’s sidekick is content and happy to be the token supplier of Claude’s favorite beverage. He’s quiet, but quick. He’s an observer as a consequence of spending time with Claude in their own impenetrable existence. 

Note: serves beer, but not real beer.

One also can visit Harper’s website: http://www.erinharperfilms.com/fictionshort