Voters overwhelmingly approved Yuma School District-1’s $16 million bond issue ballot question, when all the ballots finally were counted Tuesday night at the end of the 2019 election season.

Election results will not be official until right before Thanksgiving.

However, that is mostly a technicality, and the unofficial results show that 63 percent of the ballots were cast in favor of 4G, which paves the way for Yuma-1 to get going on its $32 million renovation/expansion project at Yuma High School and, to a lesser extent, at the Yuma Middle School/Morris Elementary School campus.

Voter participation was relatively low — at least in this era of mail-in ballot elections — as 55 percent of eligible voters (1,447 out of 2,650) cast a ballot. Ironically, that is considerably lower than when Yuma-1’s previous $17 million bond issue ballot question in 2016 attracted nearly 2,100 votes and lost by less than 80.

Those who did cast a ballot, though, were considerably in favor of the most recent bond issue, with 914 cast in favor and 533 against (at least unofficially), a margin of 381 votes (63 percent to 37 percent).

The result will allow Yuma-1 to utilize a $16 million BEST Grant from the state, which would have gone to a metro-Denver area school district if voters had rejected the local match.

The project calls for a new wing at YHS focused on CTE classrooms, a new main office and entrance, which will help security, along with an attached ag education building and an auxiliary gym. The current high school also will be renovated, including upgraded electrical wiring, HVAC and handicap accessibility.

The junior high wing at YMS will get new windows and HVAC upgrades, a renovation of the kitchen, and a new drop-off/pick-up area fpr YMS and MES.

Yuma-1 expects to get going on the project in a timely manner.

Overall voter participation in Yuma County was 52.6 percent, with 3,125 ballots cast out of a possible 5,941. View all the Yuma County election results here.