The crew from Maguire Iron out of South Dakota is making progress on Yuma’s Main St. water tower.

They have been onsite for the past couple of weeks working on the $150,000 project.

First, the city had to drain the tower, which has a capacity of 250,000 gallons. Utility Services Manager Claude Strait said that was accomplished by turning off the north tower so the town’s water customers would use up the water in the Main St. tower. The water was allowed to be depleted to a certain level, then it was turned off and the north tower turned back on. The remaining water simply had to be drained.

Now the Maguire Iron crew has been on site. They had to access the interior from the top, accessing a ladder that is connected to the overflow pipe. The crew sandblasted the inside, primed it, and applied a new coat of epoxy, which then has to cure for five days.

The crew refurbishing the Main St. water tower work from the top painting the outside, Tuesday morning. (Pioneer Photo)

The next step is painting the outside, and applying a new “YUMA.”

The Water Department then will refill the tank, chlorinate it, and test it before putting it back online.

Yuma has been going completely off the north tower during the project. Strait said there might be some minor water pressure issues, as there are only four pipes under the railroad tracks, bringing the water from the north tower to the south side of town.