Yuma District Hospital has gone to the next level when it comes to mammography.

The Radiology Department unveiled its new 3D mammography with a ribbon cutting ceremony and refreshments, Tuesday morning.

Radiology Technologist Lillie Oss said YDH is the first hospital in northeast Colorado to have a 3D machine.

The hospital has been using the machine since October 18. Because it went online later than originally planned, the hospital is extending its recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month into November.

Oss said 3D mammography machines are catching more cancers than the digital two-dimension machines. It is able to take more multiple images at different angles. YDH has a GE machine, which Oss said is the only model that can take more images at the same radiation level as 2D machines.

There is another great selling point for the new 3D mammography machine.

“This was designed by a woman,” Oss said. “A lot of women come in here and say ‘a man must have designed this machine’ (about the previous one). This one was designed by a woman for women.”

Compression of the breasts is still part of the deal, because it is necessary to get the proper images. However, unlike the “old days” a mammogram does not hurt. Oss said it might be uncomfortable, but it is not supposed to be painful.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for Yuma District Hospital’s new 3D mammography machine, Tuesday morning. Pictured above (l-r) are West Yuma County Chamber of Commerce Director Abbie Reed, Sybil Chamer of GE, Radiology Technologist Emily McGrath, Dr. Mike Rogan, radiologist, Radiology Technologist Lillie Oss, and Jonathan Coln of GE. (Pioneer Photo)

“It’s really not like that anymore,” she said.

One can schedule an appointment for a mammography at Yuma District Hospital & Clinics by calling 848-4642. Oss said most insurances now cover mammograms done with a 3D machine. Some insurances still do not, but in that case Oss said the new machine still can do digital 2D exams.

Oss and fellow Radiology Technologist Emily McGrath do the mammograms.

YDH also offers same-day results for the instances of diagnostic exams. (Routine annual preventative mammograms are not diagnostic exams.) Diagnostic exams are scheduled on the two days Radiologist Mike Rogan, MD, is onsite so he can give results to the patient the same day.

“It’s so important to do,” Oss said of annual mammograms.