Student enrollment appears to be trending upward throughout the region, including Yuma School District-1.

Yuma-1’s early figures also show a significant increase of 44 students with 890 in Pre-K through 12th grade, compared to 846 in last year’s early count.

The K-12 early count is at 828 students, well above last year’s early figure of 786, which was above the 780 in 2017 and 775 in 2016.

The official enrollment count for state-funding purposes will be done in October.

Early enrollment figures are tricky in that it changes frequently, but the count after the first weeks of the school year at least indicate Yuma-1’s enrollment continues to move upward.

The early estimates show a steady enrollment throughout the district with 11 of the 14 grades, including Pre-K, with 60 or more students, two in the high 50s and one in the 40s. Grade sizes range from 77 in 11th grade to a low of 46 in 12th grade.

Yuma High School’s early enrollment count shows 250 students, an increase 19 from last year’s early count. The count was 235 in 2017 and just 219 in 2016. YHS remains comfortably under the top end for 2A team sports such as volleyball, basketball and baseball, where the 2A cutoff is 271. The top end for 1A football is 347. The cutoff for 2A track and field is 297, and it is 303 for wrestling and cross country. Boys and girls golf, and softball, have only three classifications.

The YHS enrollment breaks down as follows: Ninth grade, 69, 10th grade 58, 11th grade 77, and 12th grade 46.

Yuma Middle School, grades 5-8, reports an early enrollment of 259 students, a slight increase from last year’s 255, well above the 2017 early count of 243, but below a high of 267 in 2016.

The YMS breakdown is as follows: fifth grade, 56; sixth grade, 67; seventh grade, 68, and; eighth grade, 68.

Morris Elementary School, grades K-4, shows an early enrollment of 319, up 19 from last year’s early count of 300. The 2017 early count was 302, and it was at a low of 289 in 2016.

The early figures show Kindergarten with 60 students, first grade with 63, second grade 63, third grade 66, and fourth grade 67.

Little Indians Preschool shows a total enrollment of 62, bringing the district’s overall enrollment to 890 students.

If the numbers hold up for October’s official count, it will bode well for the Yuma-1 budget in regards to the state’s per-pupil state equalization funding.

Liberty J-4

Liberty’s early count shows a total of 65 students in Pre-K through 12th grade.

There are a total of 42 in the elementary grades. Early counts shows seven in Pre-K, eight in Kindergarten, five in first grade, foru in second, eight in third, one in fourth, and nine in fifth.

The junior high grades of sixth through eighth have a total of eight, with two in sixth, one in seventh and five in eighth.

The high school has 15 students with three in ninth grade, two in 10th, five in 11th and five in 12th.