Wesley Scott McCall was born August 8, 1955 in Yuma Colorado to Loretta Ilene (Wise) & Earl Edward McCall. Soon after Linda, Marvin & Nancy were born & the family was complete. The siblings played in the hay loft, chasing cats & with the farm animals while their parents did chores such as milking the cows, tending to the pigs & chickens. In his childhood Wes was known to spend a lot of time with his dad helping with the cattle & farm equipment. Around age five Wes started driving the pickup while Earl threw bales to feed the cattle, he also drove the two-ton truck while Earl & Loretta picked up bales. He started farming at age eight doing summer-fallow & whatever else was need.

In high school he was known well known for his physical strength, at his funeral friend Don Brown shared a story of him lifting the front of a car up unaccompanied without struggling.

As a young man Wes got to know his future wife Mary at square dancing. Wes & Mary Anne (Tuell) were married at St. John’s Catholic Church of Yuma November 28, 1981. They then honeymooned on a river boat cruise on the Mississippi River. The young couple first lived north of Yuma, at the old Lambert place, on the dairy at County Road H.

In 1984 the couple’s daughter Bethleen Ann was born & life continued on the farm. In 1986 the young family’s life would be dramatically altered, while driving south on Highway 59 delivering herbicide for Bartlett Wesley’s semi was hit by a pickup that failed to stop at a sign. After that Wes spent many months enduring surgeries & physical therapy in the hospital & rehab facility recovering with Mary by his side. They were so touched by the outpouring of support from the community. Wes later said that those calls, visits & cards helped give him the strength to do the work & get back home. After the accident his body never fully recovered, it set him up for a lifetime of additional medical complications, surgeries, many days & nights were filled with pain, but he had determination & inner strength that made him persevere through it all.

When he was well enough, he returned to Yuma where he enjoyed being around his large family and getting back to work. He worked for Franson’s and finally Don & Peggy Brown’s Family Farm. Woodworking was a hobby he adopted, he would often give the projects that he carefully made, sanded & painted to family & friends. Throughout the summers he & Mary enjoyed hosting and attending cook outs with friends & family. He even built a table with bench seating for 16 so they would have room for everyone. Occasionally he would ride along with his friend Paul Lynch on trucking trips delivering Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. He enjoyed seeing the nation & time to visit. He always made sure to bring back some pints of Cherry Garcia, a family favorite. This also gave him an uncanny ability to give you useful driving directions for many major cities across the nation long before GPS. Wes McCall was never lost, sometimes he would just take you on the scenic route.

In 1991 Avery Joel was born & the family was complete. That year they also moved back out to country. Wes loved being back in the country & the opportunities it afforded his family. There they were able to raise cattle, chickens and other livestock. He was an excellent problem solver & critical thinker, building & modifying many things for the farm. If something wasn’t working properly you wanted him to help you fix it. There he taught his children about the value of hard work, finishing the job & that nearly everything could be fixed with a battery charger, roll of wire or can of ether.

The morning of October 1, 1996 his wife Mary died unexpectedly of a heart attack while she was out doing the morning chores. Once again, he summoned a great strength and raised his children with the help of his parents & Mary’s mother Ruth. He encouraged their interests from sports to 4-H. He made sure that they tried new things, did well in school, traveled & spent plenty of time with their extended family. As they grew into adults, he was there supporting them in pursuing their passions from public service & production agriculture to auto mechanics & drift racing. They agree that, other than their mother dying, he had given them the type of childhood parents aspire to give their children.

He was close with his parents and went into town most evenings to visit & have dinner with them. He enjoyed big family gatherings where he could catch up with everyone on what was happening in their lives. Around Christmas Wes was known for making fudge, peanut brittle, cherry mash and Peaches & Cream pie (his favorite). He even built a special carrier out of wood that would transport them safely to the big family celebrations. Community was also important to him. He helped friends and family frequently & was grateful for all the help he received as well. Wes spent time visiting & calling people that were recovering from injuries and surgeries. He knew that recovery could be isolating & that the simple act of a phone call could brighten someone’s day and give them the encouragement they needed to push through the physical therapy & make it home sooner. There are many sayings that apply to his life but perhaps the one that is most apt is, “That it is not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters.”

Wesley Scott McCall died unexpectedly of a heart attack April 26, 2019 & was buried next to his wife Mary at the Eckley cemetery. He is proceeded in death by his wife Mary Anne (Tuell), brother Marvin, brothers-in-law Jimmy & Raymond Tuell, sister-in-law Theresa Tuell. In-Laws Marvin & Ruth (Hunter) Tuell. Grandparents Lincoln Scott & Lillie Marie (Korf) Wise & Arthur Virgle & Alice Captiola (Chandler) McCall.

He is survived by his children Bethleen & Avery McCall, parents Earl & Loretta McCall, sisters Linda (Terry Schimdt) & Nancy (Raymond Guinn), sister-in-law June (Robert Swope), brothers-in-law John (Donna) & Barry Tuell as well as many other friends & family.