The all sports meeting for athletes and parents of athletes wanting to participate in any Yuma High School or Yuma Middle School athletics in the 2019-2020 school year will be Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 6:30 pm in the YHS auditorium.
This is a mandatory meeting designed to pay fees, communicate information and complete necessary paperwork prior to the start of any practices. Fall, Winter and Spring athletes and parents should be in attendance. This is for students entering 7th-12th grades.

Coaching assignments

Many of the coaching assignments in the Yuma schools have been made official over the summer.

Staff members who coach and have other extra-duty assignments were approved at the Yuma-1 Board of Education’s meeting in June, and non-staff coaches were approved at Monday’s regular meeting.

Following are the coaching assignments.

Yuma High School

Football — Kelly Seward, head coach; Rory Lynch, assistant; Jonathan Ferrari, assistant; Dirk Barry, assistant; Caleb Metzler, volunteer.

Volleyball — Jenny Noble, head coach; Jamie Robinson, assistant; Jamie Nighswonger, C-team.

Softball — Morgan Spencer, head coach; Annsley Ferrari, assistant.

Boy Golf — Benjamin Weathers, head coach; Zach Chapman, assistant.

Cross Country — Robert Zahller, head coach; Ben Inouye, assistant.

Wrestling — Rory Lynch, head coach; Kyle Newton, assistant; Brandon Newton, volunteer; CJ Leonhardt, assistant.

Boys Basketball — Dave Sheffield, head coach; Josh Rahe, assistant; JP Carwin, C-team; Larry Winger, volunteer; Jared Coughlin, volunteer.

Girls Basketball — Bob Rahm, head coach; Kellie Seward, assistant; Liz Karabell, C-team; Jeremy Robinson, volunteer.

Baseball — Brady Nighswonger, head coach; Kyle Sprouse, assistant; Kelby Andrews, volunteer; Jordan Sprouse, volunteer.

Girls Golf — Jenny Noble, head coach.

Cheer — Stefanie Cheshire, head coach; Caroline Saenz, volunteer.

Track and Field — Lucas Lubbers, head coach; Kristin Metcalfe, assistant; Jim Powell, assistant; Jerry Lebsack, assistant; Jack Lubbers, volunteer; Ben Inouye, volunteer.

Yuma Middle School

Volleyball — Kali Mekelburg-Trejo, eighth-grade head coach; Casie Baucke, seventh-grade head coach; Mariya Mekelburg, eighth-grade assistant coach; seventh-grade assistant coach remains open.

Football — Joseph Oss, head coach; JP Carwin, assistant; Brett Moser, assistant; CJ Leonhardt, assistant.

Boys Basketball — Dave Sheffield, eighth-grade head coach; Josh Rahe, seventh-grade head coach; no assistant positions at the moment.

Girls Basketball — Justin Coughlin, eighth-grade head coach; Mollie Haruf, seventh-grade head coach; Chad Rayl, assistant.

Wrestling — Ben Inouye, head coach; Brendy Allen, volunteer. Other positions unfilled.

Track and Field — JP Carwin, head coach; Joseph Oss, assistant; Brett Moser, assistant; Morgan Spencer, assistant.

Cheer/Poms — No head coach listed.